“sassy grad” graduation dessert table

When I first heard the words hot pink + black zebra and classy, shower-like feel, my mind drew a blank.

Those words didn’t seem to belong all in the same sentence together. Then,  I thought of the old print,

well, it’s chunky gold frame really, the one  I had tucked away, to spray paint “someday”.  That day was




That old frame, spray painted glossy black,

became the back drop for the dessert table

hanging a classic silhouette  from  it,

with assorted hot pink + black printed ribbons,

set a classy, yet modern + fun tone.

The star of the table was, of course, the cupcakes

Classic chocolate and vanilla cupcakes with buttercream frosting looked  elegant

with hot pink sugar sprinkles and edible pearls.

I decided to use glass cupcake stands to create a shining tower and top it off

with a glass of  Lindt’s LINDOR truffles, 

customized in hot pink + black wrappers.

Instead of baking the cupcakes in the zebra printed cupcake wrappers

and running the risk of them looking like they belonged at

a tween birthday party,

I baked them in simple white wrappers,


dressed them in assorted  hot pink + black zebra cupcake liners

in effect,

pretty little party dresses for cupcakes.

I just asked on facebook if anyone knew a local custom cookie baker,

and received an excellent referral –

Corner House Cookies, in Charlton, MA,

baked these delightful cookies, asking only:

what flavor, colors and for the guest of honors name!

[I did specify that Gianna – the graduate of honor – prefers her name spelt with a lowercase g.]

And it was she that dubbed the term/theme  “sassy grad”

when posting a picture of the party cookies on Corner House Cookie facebook page.

I have already ordered again from her,

for a fun little idea I will post about soon…

and plan on adding her cookies to every to every dessert table I do in the future!


I would like to take a moment and talk about

“my” signature piece on the dessert tables I design.

Which I call,  that ONE piece.

{it’s a tag on this post, click on it to see more examples + be inspired to find your own!}

a piece that is, 

Only yours, No one Else’s !

Celebrations are for making memories;

Traditions are simply the layering of  those memories,

year upon year,

creating a tapestry rich with your family’s love to pass down to generations to come.

One way to

create a tradition that can be implemented at every celebration

your family enjoys,

is to choose a piece to add to your table

that reflects who and what  the soul of the celebration- and those to come.


For this one, I used a wooden owl,

spray painted glossy white and adorned with hot pink + black ribbons:

to reflect the hope of the future – as we were celebrating Gianna’s high school graduation,

we were reminded that in a few short months there would be a new beginning for her,

college at Westfield State University, home of the Owls.

This piece will then be used again,

at Gianna’s college graduation celebration(s), wedding and baby showers and so on…

eventually passed on to her children, as a reflection of their mother’s roots.

And last, but certainly not least,

I would like to point out the attention that was paid to even the smallest detail…

notice the hot pink + black m&m candies – arranged in a zebra pattern:

And the “dishes” that held the candies are actually tassle shadow boxes

that  were used as gifts for Gianna and her BFF’s when the party was over.

additional credits not linked to in post: 

event design:     Gina Parker, pretty little design co.

photograpghy:  Trish DeFelippo 


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