easy to bake/make sundae cake!

Start with a simple chocolate cake

you can your favorite recipe, box or this is a “perfectly chocolate” Chocolate  Cake recipe.

(It’s the one my mom used –

she baked us each a chocolate chocolate cake EVERY birthday of our lives – for her entire life!)

We used my new (to us) antique mini bundt pan because it’s a fun shape/size,

but it doesn’t matter which pan you choose to use –

they all taste the same in the end.

After your cake has baked and cooledpoke a bunch of holes around the top with

a toothpick.  Or fork. Or knife… I said it was easy to make.

Next heat up any brand of Ice Cream Hot Fudge sauce you happen to have in a jar –

if you make your own hot fudge sauce , please email me so I can give you my address.  😉

Then simply sprinkle with jimmies.  (sprinkles. We live in Massachusetts.)

And enjoy.

Or add some cherries on top.  And enjoy.

Or serve with ice cream.  And enjoy.

OR   for a cute PARTY idea…

USE A BUNDT PAN then at this point

Let a quart/half gallon of ice cream soften

and scoop into a cylindrical container that

would fit into the  center of your bundt cake

and then flip it upside down… into the center

of your bundt cake.

Carry out to party goers…

and enjoy!!!


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