marketing. marketing?

I have started to tell you the story of us. Pretty Little Design Co.

Gina. And Trish. Gina and Trish.  I thought it  was a short story.

Then I tried to blog about it… it’s not a one post~ er. Anyyy hoo.

The gist of it is that we weren’t looking for a business. I wasn’t when

I dove into baking to save my soul from drowning in the despair of

my mom’s unexpected and way to early death and with it the fresh

grief of losing my Dad super early and relatively unexpected 6+1/2

years before.   The unraveling of my sense of “comfortable” and with

it the awakening of a new sense of self. A passionate, creative self…

well I have always been passionate + creative, I just never indulged

those parts of my personality on a daily basis until this year.

And while  I still don’t know Trish’s whole why, I do know she’s a wife,

mother – to six year old twins and a 17 year old bonus child,   (I love

that she calls her stepdaughter that!)  and she works full time, yet STILL

finds time to indulge her passionate + creative sides! She is a professional

photographer –  I could LIVE   in her prop room,  seriously, fun stuff! – +

uber crafty thinker-doer, yet she wasn’t pursuing a business.  She was

just photograpghing people who asked her to take their picture. And there

were lots of them. Enough that she wasn’t bored. But she wasn’t “running”

a business, and she certainly wasn’t marketing.

Enter one facebook status about a horse and pony (I promise you will

hear it one day) and next thing you know she  and I are planning and styling;

baking for and  photographing, custom couture parties for people we know.

We set up this blog and a facebook page to have a place to hold our creations,

to share them with others – and inspire others, either to get create + capture

custom couture events (TM) or hire us to do it for them!

Recently at a party, not of our creating, the mothers were talking about an

upcoming PLDC party one of the moms was hostessing. One woman expressed

discontentment that she never heard about us because she’s not on facebook.

So Trish and I started thinking about marketing.

Talking about marketing.  Like how/where to start.

What to focus our marketing energy on, because

we like using our “extra” energy for creating and cap-

turing events, not “shouting from the rooftops”  that we do. 

To say word of mouth has worked for us thus far would be

an understatement.  We are the American Idols of the event

planning world. People saw what we were doing – celebrating

life with our families in creative ways and capturing it on film

– and wanted to share the same experience with their families,

and they asked US to create those for them. And then help them

remember the beauty and magic of them enjoying it WITH their

families, because we doall the work and take all of  the photos for

them, while they are a part of the celebration.  And they tell us –

and others – that our service, and all that we provide beyone the


is priceless! And we agree.

Which brings us back to why we are interested in marketing.

We offer a service we believe in. We believe in the power of little 



and the pride of big ones – and think they all should be

celebrated equally – in as joyful + happy a way as possible, and we

want to share that with anyone who believes in those things too.

We want to work with all of those people.

We were worried we weren’t reaching them.

And that we wouldn’t have the time or resources TO reach them.

Then I read a tweet today:

Don’t get louder. Get better.

Ahh. BRILLIANT. THAT we can do!!

That feels real, true to who we are and what we are about!

Thanks Jeff.

Here’s to getting better –

These are the moments, YOUR moments, let us make them pretty for you! 


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