Surprise 40th Birthday Party

Hired by the guest of honor’s sister to create  a 40th Birthday dessert table

at a surprise outdoor party, we were completely on our own for inspiration.

Contemplating the birthday girl’s heritage – Polish, we decided to honor her with a table

inspired by Poland’s flag’s clean red, white, black and yellow design.

When setting up an event, we are often faced with moments

when things don’t just go as we expected them to.

It’s part of our profession and we creatively solve those little bumps in the road.

This weekend?  One of those things was the weather and

BOTH parties were located outdoor/in spaces without air conditioning,

and temperatures soared in to the 90’s!

One of the decisions that has to be made is how to make the frosting.

Some people will choose style over flavor in this situation – using

shortening in their frosting instead of butter. Me? I choose butter!

I would rather eat a DELICIOUSLY drippy cupcake than a perfectly coiffed one

that is going to leave a waxy feeling in my mouth, and unless begged otherwise,

that’s the choice I make for clients also.

The table began melting AS we were styling it, fortunately Trish was quick

enough on the draw with her camera, capturing some beautiful shots before

they melted…

in the guest’s mouths.

They literally swarmed the table the second we were done,

“rescuing” the cupcakes from certain utter disaster. 😉 

We kept the rest of the table as melt proof as possible.

The self contained cream puffs…

sliced lemon bread, crisp cookies, and wrapped candies made the cut –
along with fresh flowers and pillar candles.
To give the table a simple, yet sophisticated look – we covered a duo-level table with
a simple black linen with slight sheen and used our gorgeous collection of milk glass
serving pieces to really make the features pop.    The guests were impressed by this
unexpected feature at a backyard party, and couldn’t stop talking about how special 
it was for the hostess to have done something so amazing to celebrate  her sister’s birthday.
<span style="text-align:center

;”>Simply by adding our custom dessert table,  this small surprise gathering of friends and

family was instantly elevated to chic status and is sure to be talked about for some time!

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