(not school) pictures

I hate  dislike school photos.

My girls always have a stiff smile on their faces,

food and/or sweat + dirt on their shirts and inevitably,

(WHY do they photograph children AFTER snack/lunch/gym?!)

someone thought it was a good idea to try to COMB DOWN 

their curly locks.

And yet, I always order them.

Granted, I only order the smallest package available  ($50+ PER CHILD!)

and I stuff them in the back of a drawer once I get them, but I can not NOT

order them… my girls would be mortified if they had to sit on the bleachers

in the gym while everybody else got their pictures taken.

Recently I was complaing to my friend and trusty photograpgher/partner

about the lack of photographs of my children that I would deem “art” and

therefore consider worthy to frame and hang on the walls in my home.

Next thing you know, Trish and my two middle daughters are plunging through

a field behind Trish’s home  – talking about capturing the light before the skies

open up (a storm was rolling in) and why it was afer for Shaye to be waist deep

int he hay than either of the other two (Shaye had has Lyme disease.)

In just those five minutes (literally, because as soon as lightening hit the corner

of the field, the three of them went running by me), Trish captured my daughters

in an artistic light. I would SO rather commit to having them professionally photo-

graphed once a year, and having works of art for my home and pieces to pass on

to my daughters’ children –

for the same cost of TWO school photo sessions a year!  And the girls had so much

fun, smiling with their eyes and working it for the camera, I don’t think they will

mind sitting those awkward school photo “shoots” out!



photos by Trish DeFelippo of Audan’s Photobox


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