Rainbow Tie Dye 8th Birthday Party

When I was a child, my mom did everything by hand and from scratch.

And I hated it.

Complained incessantly.

I STILL remember how excited I was the October she hurt her back,

{she was moving a bureau to dust behind it. No, she wasn’t Fall cleaning,

she did this weekly!}

and I got to wear a store bought costume – I was  Marie Osmond.

I remember her crying as my Dad tied on the plastic smock  and helped  me

adjust the plastic  mask so the roughly cut eye holes would stop slicing  my skin.

Not because her back hurt, but because her heart did.  I never understood why

she insisted on doing all of the things the  mothers had done twenty years ago,

when  mothers those days  (I was born in 1973, m my sister in 1974)  were having

NONE of it.   These were the days of latch key kids, plastic Halloween costumes +

Betty Crocker box mixes!

This year, Karma visited me in  March {my 3rd daughter turned 10 and INSISTED

that if she didn’t have pizza and a cake from the supermarket, and  if her party had

a theme, or one organized party game, it would ruin her life forever.  {I can’t even

describe the horror of that night. If you asked  her, or any and all of the girls that

attended, they would tell you how  much FUN they had playing tag in the dark, or

eating pizza, chips and cake while they talked and laughed for over an hour.   Me?

I was crying – on the inside.}

When Karma came around this summer, stealing the well placed kids birthday party

ideas I had been sprinkling through my soon-to-be 8 yo’s daughter’s days,  by placing

obnoxious “tie dye” paper goods in front of us during a quick trip through WalMart,

I was determined to fight back.

I played on my youngest’s love of color and her lifelong desire to have a store bought

pinata at one of her birthday parties, letting her pick out a fun monkey pinata and

one pack of tie dye paper plates.

Then I started gathering  my arsenal.  Fun fabric in bright coral and a  rainbow “tie dye

pattern { For layering them over a basic white tablecloth and gathering them up with  tie-dye

ribbon, making a way custom dessert table covering!} I contacted party INK and had them

create and send me some custom stickers in two sizes – with peace signs and more fun colors.

Fun and colorful food was easy to create* and I just love how the table came together –

best of all,

so did my daughter.

*After an early morning catastrophe due to AC malfunctioning and real buttercream, I had

to race out last minute and purchase bakery cupcakes – that just happened to be in the case,

“tie dyed” with air brushed” color. Coincidence that Karma came a knocking in the year after

my Mother passed? I’m thinking not. Mom, if you’re “listening” and I believe that you are, I

l LOVE you, and I full appreciate every ounce of effort and creativity you poured into making

my sister and I’s childhood so special. Every time I bake, or put something together for an

event, I think of you and Dad. I miss you both daily!!

I also would like to point out, I did not create the custom cookies you will see in the photos,

I used my go to cookie artist, and I list the amazingly talented shop owner  in vendor credits!



cookies, and candy and gumballs – oh, MY!

For the birthday girl!

The cupcake tower.

{ Birthday girl didn’t want a cupcake,

so I topped the tower with a pretty little brownie sundae.}


Jelly beans aren’t just for Easter,

especially when seperated by color,  they make a huge impact on a dessert table!

More cookies and gumballs.

Drinks are so much sweeter

when served in  miniature glass milk bottles

with  pretty paper straws.

These treats were soooo pretty,

 even everybody’s  individual plates looked pretty:

This party was as full of pretty little details

as the girls’ tummies were after eating all of these treats.

 Therefore, I will show you the party water games,

gift area and more in another post.


This party was

 a Pretty Little Design Co.  “Create & Capture”

package original.   Dessert table,  gift area, activities and all

photography are all included, + we offer fabulous A la carte

ways to add more pretty little details to your events.

Cookies:  Corner House Cookies 

Milk bottles, paper straws + confetti fringe garland : Shop Sweet Lulu

Link to graphic artist provided in post.

All of these items are included in your “Create & Capture”  package. 

 ♥            Call us today 774.242.0436 to book your event.                ♥


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