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Since the creation of  pinterest,  planning your dream wedding, home, party –   life –  has never been easier.  With the click of a few buttons, you have an instant vision board FILLED with every single pretty little idea on the internet.   It is easy to become overwhelmed as to where to start to bring that vision to reality and often difficult to acquire every item on that board.  DIY crafts usually require quite a few supplies that the average Jane Doe does not have in her home already – and purchasing them all just to make one item is just not cost-effective. Vintage items, especially the “good” ones – the ones most popular on pinterest*, of course – are few and far between, and when You do find that oh-my-GOSH-I-HAVE-to-HAVE-this-I-see-it-every-day-on-pinterest “one of a kind” item, You are a rarity{and QUITE BLESSED} if you do not have to check the tag before deciding to purchasing it  and, more often than not,   have to sadly place it back down and walk away.


This summer, I decided to CHANGE all of that.

For any Bride, homemaker, woman… person  that wants that item in a trending pattern,  a who-would-have-thought-of-that decor piece and/or a stunning display piece that can be repurposed myriad ways in Your home and parties – for lifemaking it an instant heirloom, and therefore,  priceless – YET doesn’t want to spend days, weeks, months or years searching high and low, through every dusty item at yard sale after consignment shop after flea market after estate sale all around the country OR pay an arm and a leg because they didn’t.


THIS collection PLDCo ♥ Wedding &  Homes – is for You.

repurposed + recycled diy wedding items  Ideas for styling the wedding of your dreams… and how to re purpose those items in your home & life afterwards – getting the most value from your investment. I carry a large assortment of all of the items shown – year round; By appointment only – experience the luxury of a personalized creative design session.

Gina Parker

                       Creative Director, Pretty Little Design Co.

                                                                                                                                          homepartieslife AT gmail DOT com


Here is a peek to work one current trend into Your life –  in several different ways!



For Your wedding – something old, something new{to you} something vintage, something blue… colored vintage beads.  Also perfection for cocktail parties, making a jeans and tee shirt kind of day special{may I suggest a 3/4 length B+w striped boat neck tee shirt, rolled skinny jeans and flats – brown or black leather is fine – how about Kelly green Toms for more fun?!}, Your little princess to play dress up with on a snowy Saturday afternoon… or hang on the side of Your mirror for a splash of femininity and color in your bedroom.


         {pictured: a choker length string of vintage Tiffany blue beads. $15; Two toned metallic bow vintage brooch{statement size, $5/10for$45}


     Bundled together and tied with Silk, Satin, Lace, or Velvet vintage ribbon or other fabric, VINTAGE BROOCHES have changed the face of the modern bride’s bouquet. Aptly called Vintage Brooch Bridal Bouquets, creating these one of a kind and everlasting bouquets has become the IT accessory for Your Special Day. With obvious benefits – they won’t wilt and never die – making them an heirloom to be passed through the generations, You can personalize these bouquets with ANY small object – making it EASY to honor loved ones and personalize Your trip down the aisle. Drawbacks? It takes an estimated 60-80 brooches to create an average hand-held bridal bouquet. It takes quite a bit of time to amass a collection that large that is pretty and varied and Authentic vintage brooches can cost anywhere from $3 past $15 – with the more unique, beautiful, interesting ones costing the most.  Many “bridal brooch” companies are pooping up online – offering bright, shiny replicas of vintage brooches – however, even an untrained eye can tell the difference immediately.  It also requires skill and patience to individually wire EACH of these brooches and arrange them into a pleasing shape that won’t collapse during the Wedding, photos  and reception afterward. Some artists are charging $50o and more to create vintage brooch bridal bouquets – in addition to the Bride-to-be supplying  80-100 brooches.

    I have spent {and I continue to collect!} almost ONE year, traveling and collecting only the prettiest Authentic vintage brooches to offer my clients.  I select brooches by color, finish, shape, size, and character.  EVERY brooch in a bridal bouquet should be charming and tell the Bride’s story – NOT just one or two select pieces.

So you can be sure when You choose to use PLDCo vintage* brooches in Your bouquet, they are Authentic, perfect for bouquet shaping AND sure to help You tell Your story on Your Special Day – and to future generations! You also can come shop knowing AHEAD of time that EVERY single BROOCH we carry is either $3 {petit}, $4 {bridal} or $5 {statement} – or 10 for $25 {petit}, $35{bridal}, $45{statement} and You can either take them home to create the bouquet of Your dreams {I will wire one with You during Your appointment, so You know how to achieve the look You desire} or You pay just $300 and I, myself, or an equally qualified artisan{pre-approved by You} will professionally create Your bouquet, ensuring a Look that will Last a Lifetime.

Gold vintage rose brooch {statement, $5/10for$45}


{gold vintage butterfly brooch{statement, $5/10for$45}; vintage Silver candy dish with handle, $9}

And VINTAGE BROOCHES aren’t just for Bridal bouquets. As pinterest – and History – has taught us, we can add Sparkle to jean jackets, tote bags, shabby fabric flowers, a ribbon wrapped around a gift, a throw pillow – anywhere You can pin a vintage brooch, You can pin a vintage brooch, or three  – and You should. Just starting to glimmer in 2012, 2013 promise to be THE year of sparkle, glitter and glam!

And not all vintage “brooches” are floral and fine – others are fun, often with a splash of bright color and BIG personality.  Funky little vintage pins + serious vintage medals are perfect ways to personalize Your wardrobe, home decor – even, especially, Your bridal bouquet.




ABOVE: vintage musical instrument pins {petit,$3/10for$25}, vintage chest medal {statement, $5/10for$45}, vintage glass bead necklace{more details to come}$15

BELOW: {a personal favorite!} Vintage {mid-century!} brooch – reminds me of a snowflake ♥ {bridal, $4/10for$35}






yummy. Can be worn alone. or Invite “it” to an arm candy party.

I have several different kinds I personally love – and I wear them singly, on two wrists at a time

or stacked together when going out and one at a time during an ordinary day around town.

The one below is a fun Gold vintage link “charm” bracelet that can worn as shown, with other bracelets/watch[es]

or separated for the charms to be used individually.







Oh this was love at First sight –


a perfect Vintage necklace for Fall.  Vintage Glass beads and detailed  metal work with gorgeous patina on a delicate metal chain –  there is STILL a month of Autumn – including Thanksgiving – left!!  just $15 ♥






Gold Vintage charm link bracelet.  $9

Here is another Autumn delight –


Gold vintage branch with hanging leaves brooch.   quite the statement piece – for an Autumn wedding +/or a fine blazer or jean jacket!                                                 $5/10for$45*




*the 10/for$ are for ASSORTED brooches the same “size” . We do not carry two of any of the vintage brooches – in facet, in almost one year of shopping I have not FOUND two of the same for any piece of vintage jewelry I’ve selected for the PLDCo collection. I would carry them – I adore each one I select. They are just that hard to find!   Which is great news for You – the investor and, most likely, the lucky lady WEARING the piece!



All of our resale items DO QUALIFY for any EZFUNdz code You may have on hand,

as well as any promotions PLDCo personally offers.


“Life is too Short NOT to use the “Good” china EVERY day.”



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