November is National Peanut Butter Lover’s Month

I will definitely have to whip up a batch of my delicious peanut butter Italian buttercream frosting and create a cupcake to honor this yumtastic campaign for the PT Pet Supply’s 100 cupcake order for this Saturday’s CA$H MOB!!! The frosting literally MELTS in your MOUTH… You’re welcome. ūüėČ Not going?! GASP!!! Change that!!! Search Webster Cash Mob Loyal 2 Local and get all the deets!!!!!


fairies bathe in raindrops

Every little girl knows that Fairies live under mushrooms… Audrey believes this also. Today Audrey told me that Fairies take baths in raindrops. It was a perfect day to peer into raindrops and try to see a Fairy taking a … Continue reading


(not school) pictures

I hate¬† dislike school photos. My girls always have a stiff smile on their faces, food and/or sweat +¬†dirt¬†on their shirts and¬†inevitably, (WHY do they¬†photograph¬†children AFTER snack/lunch/gym?!) someone thought it was a good idea to try to¬†COMB DOWN¬† their curly … Continue reading


cupcake bakers

Kortnie (Mackie’s bestie) + Mackenna Advertisements


marketing. marketing?

I have started to tell you the story of us. Pretty Little Design Co. Gina. And Trish. Gina and Trish. ¬†I thought it ¬†was a short story. Then I tried to blog about it… it’s not a one post~ er. … Continue reading


dog poop cupcakes

That was all before I met Trish* (*a facebook stalking story for another day) and wooed her with my red velvet cupcakes… the best my phone camera can do. Next thing she knew, ¬† ¬† ¬†I was styling her backyard … Continue reading


Just ask.

The most important thing I have learned as a person this year is… ¬†just¬†ask.¬†

I come from a long line of hearty New England stock and I was raised with the notion that¬†you don’t¬†

ask, ¬†for ANYTHING.¬†If you can’t do it yourself or afford to buy it yourself, ¬†you figure out a way to

do it yourself or buy it yourself or you go without.  

 I lived by that rule for the first 37  years of my life.

Then my mother passed away, completely unexpected,  at age 57;

Joining my father, who had passed at age 53exactly 6 and 1/2 years before.

All of a sudden I couldn’t breathe. And everything I wanted in life seemed urgent..

Now, I’m not talking about material things.

I am talking about a quality education for my daughters.

Something for me to do with my time, now that my daughters

were growing up and growing wings…

To be happy, on a daily basis.

To embrace life and live it to the fullest

most importantly, to find out what that  meant to me. 

So I started asking.

 I asked if I could go back  to college.

Admissions and financial aid said, “Yes, here’s how.”

I asked if there was a way my daughters could go to 

a school whose hours and curriculum would fit  my

daughters’ needs for learning and mine for scheduling.

The principcal said, “Yes, and here’s how.”

I asked if there was something that could be done about 

 the daily pain I lived  with, caused by my [old] hip injury. 

My doctor said, “Yes, and here’s who you need to talk to.”

The¬†orthopedic surgeon said, “Yes, and here’s the plan”

People asked me¬† “Can I order cupcakes from you for my party?”

I said, “Yes, ¬†you can!” ¬†and “Thank you very much.”

When I saw a facebook status from another mom in the school having a horse and pony

at her children’s kindergarten graduation…

I asked if she would like a cupcake tower.

She asked me to DM her.

The result was this remarkably wonderful County Fair kindergarten graduation party.

Which wouldn’t have been complete without ¬†THESE

 farmstand  milk bottles + Yankee Doodle paper straws:

Which I spotted online at and just HAD to have.  Except it

was 5 days before the event and I didn’t have $90+ to overnight them – so I asked¬†

Jesse if she could¬†guarantee¬†I’d get them in time if I ordered them with 3 day


She said yes.

And I did!

So if  I could pass one sweet morsel of knowledge,

not necessarily party related, along  to our readers

it would be this…