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Petting Zoo 2nd Birthday Party

Last June we received a call from a customer who had at ordered cupcakes and a cake for her daughter’s second birthday.  After seeing our County Fair Kindergarten  Graduation  Party post,  she decided she’d like us to create a party to compliment the petting zoo she had booked for her daughter’s 2nd birthday.  It was just one week until the BIG day, and we already had another table + shoot booked, however,she insisted that just me {Gina}  setting up the event and leaving would be fine.

It was fun to mix bright colors and patterns with a black and white cow print

the client had specifically asked for,


Polka dotsgingham, plaid, candy stripes, burlap... oh the fabric!

Ruffled and grosgrain ribbon.

Balloons and sunflowers.


Here is a shaded look* in at the dessert table…


The charm of this table was adored + exclaimed over by the children and parents alike!

One of the  favorite’s were

the This Little Piggy Rice Krispie Treats on a stick


Everyone loved their fondant faces + little curly tails!!

However, the real star of the table was the cupcake tower

filled to the brim with light + fluffy Orange Creamsicle cupcakes

and fresh + juicy  Strawberry cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting.


My hostess took a risk in the heat,

ordering my real buttercream + cream cheese frostings

{and I’m glad she did!}

They held up rather well,

and were devoured within seconds of me getting this snapshot anyway.

I always advise my clients to choose taste over looks

IF the looks aren’t completely compromised by the conditions &

they are not being served at an uber formal affair.

Every party guest attending mumbled through mouths full of  cupcake goodness,

how wonderful the cupcakes tasted and what great flavor choices* for the event.

One last table detail…

Fringed cupcake liners + black and white paper straws


provided a cheerful way to keep the bugs out of drinks, while outside with the animals.

*I want to take a moment to touch briefly on hostesses – this one in particular.

Many clients come to me because they (and I quote) “Do not have a creative bone in my body.”

I beg to differ.

Because once I lead them into a discussion about colors and theme,

often  their ideas are flowing faster than my pen writes to take notes.

All they need is someone who can articulate what they have in their head

and who knows how to transfer those visions into reality.

And that’s where  Trish and I come in.

And we ENCOURAGE our clients to put their personal touch on their event –

and love sharing with the guests the hand our host/hostesses had in creating their surroundings.

Many guests at this party teased the hostess about her lack of, I believe they called them

“Suzie Homemaker” or was it “June Cleaver” skills. {all in good fun}

But it was wonderful to point out the fact(s)

The hostess had purchased the cow tablecloths {LOVE!}  that popped up throughout the event,


{and we added whimsical paper buntings in every nook + cranny}.

She also requested the cupcake flavors + hay bale seating,

Directed me as to where she wanted what  and

provided me with a vintage milk bottle to fill with wildflowers from her yard


that ONE thing

a framed photograph of

her daughter’s FIRST BIRTHDAY portrait

to add to the dessert table.

Our vintage potato sack races are always a BIG HIT at kids’ parties –

even in this age of tablets + video games,

boys and girls alike still dissolve in giggles

when hopping across a yard with their friends.


Below is a snapshot of

the gift area + our classic knock down the cans game


The weather was beautiful, the decor was charming, the treats delicious, the guests had fun

and best of all,

our hostess was able to enjoy the day right alongside her children, family + friends



*I feel like I am stating the OBVIOUS here, but Trish did not photograph this event.

However it was such a fun kids’ party, I had to share.  And boy does looking at it all

through the lens of my Droid Razr phone make me ALL THE MORE  appreciative  of

Trish’s talent! While we offered this hostess the event at deeply discounted price, we

decided afterwards that we were unwilling to comprise our process and will only offer

one party/event booking per calendar day.   Thus, the idea of the “Create + Capture”

Couture event package was born. Trish and I are dedicated to creating magical events

of the highest creativity and personalized level possible and capturing it all for you

in professional images we share with you,  that will be cherished by your family for

years to come.

                     These are the moments, YOUR moments… let us make them pretty for you!

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