ALOHA! It’s a purple polka dot Luau Pool Party!!

When my client first told me she had suggested a luau pool party for her daughter’s 7th birthday party – Miss Gabby didn’t seem to thrilled about the idea. Turns out, she just didn’t really know what a luau was, and therefore couldn’t relate to one or get excited about celebrating her special day  with one. Her mom piqued her interest by mentioning drinks with umbrellas in them and then I asked her what her favorite color was. Purple, Miss Gabby replied, with no hesitation. I then asked her if she liked polka dots. Silly question I know, but stay with me here. I then told her to pick two more colors that we would use to decorate her party – turquoise and yellow.  At the same time she said yellow, her mom said lime green.  [I threw in a splash of each. 😉 ]

Clients come to us because they want to create something special for their child (or themselves, or another family member, friend, etc).  Special almost always starts with different. Very often clients already have a concept in their head that may not seem very different.  Luau pool party? Not so much. They have to have confidence – and that’s why they come to Pretty Little Design Co. – that I can create something they have never seen before, within the frameworks of the concept they had. 

From the color scheme to the decor to the sweets – the entire party must come together in a way that wows people the moment they arrive. And this one did.  Using Miss Gabby’s color choices – and by adding polka dots to add a playful youthfulness to the traditionally more grown up tropical concept, it screamed FUN from first glimpse.

It’s ok to use store-bought decor, just use it in an unexpected way! A custom-made umbrella drink wreath adorned the gate, Purple polka dot ribbon tied the ALOHA banner to the fence (and good thing because it was WINDY!) and big fun straw hats – added color and texture to the space when I topped unfinished fence posts with them.

But really the impression a party makes starts BEFORE guests arrive.

The invitation has a big job to do.

It has to inform and excite people – giving them just a taste of what to expect at your celebration!

I contacted Pink Pickle Studios and set her to work creating THE perfect invite to set the tone for this party.  As usual, and this is why – after three events and a few single projects – they are the official custom party printable designer for us, she created an invite that perfectly combined the elements I gave her into a fun invite design that we carried as inspiration through the entire party.

Corner House Cookies

another of the vendors we use regularly, created

a platter of cookies for the dessert table inspired directly by the invitation.

Notice the frosting scribbles on the letters?

Then she went above and beyond –

look at the teeny tiny hibiscus flowers ON the letters and number 7s

AMAZING detail work!!!!  Simple BRILLIANT!

All of the guests were gushing over the detail on these cookies,

and then our hostess exclaimed – And they taste so good!

Actually, it was…

“Seriously,  I never eat these type of cookies at parties

because they are dry and flavorless.  

THESE are not dry and crumbly


And to look at this knock out Mama, you know she doesn’t waste the calories she consumes!

That’s why we feature these cookies on our dessert tables every chance we get!

Here are a few more of the party details –

 l to r / top to bottom

Rock candy lollipops may be an oldie, but they are definitely a goodie!

I love the fun colors they come in and party guests, they love… well… EATING THEM.

I had brought a BIG #7 candle for the cake –

propping it up in the drink station before it was time place it in the cake and light it up.

Tropical Mike and Ike’s.

or is it Mike and Ike’s. Mike’s and Ike ?

No matter, they still taste good and were the perfect color for the table.

Brightly colored tissue paper hibiscus were a fun touch to the tropical soft drinks

and my cake pops like you’ve never tasted before, so good I call them “dessert pops” 

were revealed at this party.

Guest Consensus? Delish!

These were gone before any other baked good on the table.

And the bamboo sticks I found for them were cool!

Which brings us to the leis.

A traditional way to greet guests of the Hawaiian Islands,

we created a little Aloha station right at the gate – and

it was a BIG hit!

it’s all in the details!

In addition, we featured a cake by chef  Carolyn Ewing

look at the exquisite sugar flowers she created…

 to top this delicious vanilla custard cake with purple buttercream frosting.

I look forward to offering her cakes as an a la carte option for future hostesses!

And, of course, a cupcake tower by yours truly:

almond joy cupcakes, chocolate cupcakes with buttercream frosting and an individual sized triple layer cake

Miss Gabby had already snuck some pearl sixlets & hadn’t yet cleaned up for her photo shoot

when she came around from the front to peek at the finished dessert table & drink station, but

  Trish couldn’t resist capturing the birthday girl(and co party design creator!)’s reaction –

pure glee!  

When Trish asked her,  so what do you think Miss Gabby?

Gabby clapped her hands and  squealed,  

“I didn’t dream it would look like this – I LOVE it!”

After cleaning up, Gabby and her Mom, and even her older brother for a couple –

posed for some beautiful photographs before the guests came and Continued to be 

photographed throughout the party – alone, enjoying her Moment and with her friends and family!

All of those images have been given to Ms. N on a professionally edited CD to use as she wish*

and she also receives picture thank you cards for all of her guests

– all of our “Create & Capture” clients do!

Ok, most were given only to Ms. N.

Because {and I got her mom’s permission first}

I just HAVE to share a few more of this cutie and her infectious grin!  


Not only is she cute, she is an extremely gracious child…

she was equally thrilled with the two coloring books  and crayons  she received as she was a designer outfit gifted to her.

In addition to choosing  the color scheme, cupcake tower vs cake {we surprised her with both!}  and other details,

Miss Gabby insisted on having a pinata**…

There’s that grin.   See what I’m saying? You’re grinning now too, aren’t you!?!!

**Filled pinatas can be added to your party off of our a la carte menu

or be included in your “Create & Capture” Couture [all-inclusive] event

*Gorgeous professional quality prints + art can be created for you by Trish at her studio – from the images she has taken of your event. In addition, she

allows you to share + print all images included on your event CD – for personal use only.

Clients are not allowed to use these images, nor give permission for anyone else to use these images,

for commercial use.  If interested in using any of Pretty Little Design Co.’s images for commercial use,

please contact us directly at homepartieslife at gmail dot com.  For non-commercial, media use* –

please notify us when using these images and provide proper credit and source links for all images.



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